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Which assessment type should I use?

Below is a copy of the Inner Sunset GBD map. The "Enhanced Service Area" (commercial corridor) on the map (Light green) is the area subject to the commercial corridor assessment rate.

The map is current as of May 17, 2018. Updates, if any, would be found on the
promoter's Inner Sunset GBD website.

GBD map

Non-profit organizations take note: Your property may qualify for the non-profit rate. We have been advised that you must apply for this reduced rate - the rate will not automatically be given. Contact DPW's GBD Program Manager, Jonathan Goldberg, for more information.

What annual rate increase assumption should I use?

We don't know. The maximum permitted annual rate increase for the GBD is 3% or the increase in the Bay Area Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less. The annual increase is at the discretion of the GBD's Board of Directors.

The annual increase in the Proposition G assessment is, "adjusted annually for inflation" per the San Francisco Voter's Guide.

Proposition G

San Francisco's June 2018 Ballot Proposition G would increase teacher salaries and assess each parcel at $298 in year one, with the annual assessment increasing at the rate of inflation.
  • Checking the Proposition G box in the assessment calculator means all totals include the proposed GBD assessment plus the proposed Proposition G assessment.
  • Leave the Proposition G box unchecked to see the proposed GBD assessment only.
The San Francisco Voter's Guide has further information about Proposition G.

About The Assessment Calculator

This calculator is intended for estimating purposes only. Calculations are based on information from the Inner Sunset GBD draft management plan dated January 9, 2018. The plan has not been finalized - assessment rates may change. The calculator makes assumptions based on our understanding of the plan. No guarantees or warranties regarding the calculator and its accuracy are expressed or implied.

Users of the calculator are encouraged to confirm its results with the Department of Public Works GBD Program Manager, Jonathan Goldberg.