Inner Sunset Action Community - Bike Stations


MTA/Lyft have chosen five locations near Irving Street between Arguello and 19th Avenue in the Inner Sunset to install bike stations that will replace public parking spaces. The stations range from 53 feet to 73 feet long.
The locations are:
  • North side of Frederick at Arguello, adjacent to the triangular island
  • East side of 7th Avenue south of Irving, adjacent to the public parking lot
  • East side of 10th Avenue north of Irving, adjacent to One Medical
  • West side of Funston at Irving, adjacent to Andronico's
  • South side of Irving east of 19th Avenue next to the Library
The first four locations are in Supervisor District 5 (Vallie Brown) and last is in Supervisor District 4 (Gordon Mar).

The station designs require users to dislodge bikes from the docks pulling them backwards into the flow of vehicular traffic. Three of the locations are not adjacent to existing bike lanes and will force riders either onto sidewalks or into auto traffic. One of the locations - 7th Avenue - is on the most hazardous bike lane in the Inner Sunset. For these reasons we are concerned by the locations.

The map below shows current bike lanes in the Inner Sunset color-coded per SFMTA's guideline on the suitability of these lanes for riders. The proposed 7th Avenue station is located where only the "Strong and Fearless" dare to ride.
Inner Sunset Bike Comfort Map
The above graphics are from page 20 of the SFMTA 2019 Bike Program Report.

We have examined the locations and determined that Lyft's choice for placing bike stations was done without regard to the safety of the bike users, pedestrians, or motorists. The locations were chosen to meet Lyft's corporate goals, not to meet safety needs of users or drivers. None are proposed near bike lanes or UCSF.

Lyft's contract with the MTC and SFMTA requires the City to provide locations for 320 bike stations on City streets... for free! Lyft is selecting prime commercial locations while SFMTA meekly rubber-stamps approvals.

We have asked Supervisor Brown that installation be delayed until a community engagement process is conducted and have requested aides from both Supervisor Brown and Supervisor Yee's offices to meet with us for a tour of the chosen sites.

Based on input from various local neighbors we have scouted alternative locations, which are not in front of homes, nor on dangerous roadways. We have asked Supe. Brown that there be community engagement prior to the siting of stations.

We invite Inner Sunset folks' input and participation. If you have concerns about this issue, please contact us at Please use subject header "Bike station locations".

Wait, there's more - ANOTHER SFMTA plan for the Inner Sunset!

SFMTA proposes total curb control in the Inner Sunset from 5th Avenue to 12th Avenue and Lincoln to Judah

SFMTA wants more Residential Parking Permits (RPP), less parking and more loading space. They will hold a meeting about the plan on Sept. 26,5:30 – 7:30 pm, at the Hall of Flowers: SF County Fair Building, in Golden Gate Park just inside the 9th Avenue park entrance.

To get an idea of what's ahead for the Inner Sunset, check out the SFMTA Hayes Valley Curb Management Plan.