Inner Sunset Action Community - Baseline city services

Our opinion is that Inner Sunset GBD voters should not even consider a "Yes" vote unless government accountability for baseline services is included in the management plan.

What are the City's Inner Sunset baseline services?

We asked this question of Jonathan Goldberg, DPW's Green Benefit District Program Manager. Here is his reply:

Goldberg, Jonathan (DPW) <>
May 2, 2018
RE: Questions regarding Inner Sunset GBD services

Thank you for engaging with Inner Sunset property owners as an Inner Sunset GBD formation committee member. Please feel free to pass along my contact information to the property owners you’ve been speaking with. I’d be happy to chat and answer their questions.

Per Article 15A – San Francisco’s local legislation that authorizes the formation of GBDs – the San Francisco Board of Supervisors “may not establish any district or levy any assessment under this Article to replace or supplant existing City services.” In addition, Public Works cannot legally transfer the responsibility to provide services in the public realm to the proposed Inner Sunset GBD.

Should the proposed Inner Sunset GBD move forward, and draft formation documents are approved by the City Attorney’s office, all Inner Sunset GBD formation documents will be posted online for review. Property owners will be able to review and ask questions about City-approved documents, to help inform any decision to determine whether or not enhanced services above baseline are warranted in the Inner Sunset.

As you may recall from past Inner Sunset GBD formation committee meetings, the formation of a CBD or BID (a commercial district counterpart to GBDs) will generally increase the number of Public Works service requests within that area. OEWD’s Economic Impact Analysis report indicates the City provides more steam cleaning, graffiti abatement, etc. in these areas versus the time period prior to a local CBD or BID formation effort.

Jonathan Goldberg

Did other benefit districts get the same pile of hooey regarding San Franciso's baseline services?


The Civic Center Community Benefit District illustrates government accountability. The Inner Sunset GBD proposal does not.

The Management Plan for the Civic Center Community Benefit District on page 24 (PDF file page 25) says:

"10. Continuation of City Services. Throughout the process to establish the Civic Center Community Benefit District, the steering committee expressed concerns that the City of San Francisco maintains existing services at verifiable "baseline" service levels. A formal base level of service policy ensures that City services are enhanced not replaced by the proposed CBD services. By adopting this plan, the Board of Supervisors will confirm and guarantee a baseline level of service..."

Below is the complete baseline DPW Services table for the Civic Center district. See the plan document for the baseline Safety Services and the baseline Recreation and Parks Services tables.

Table 8 – Civic Center CBD Baseline Level of City Services

City of San Francisco
Cleaning and Maintenance Services (DPW)
Services Frequency
Mechanical Street Sweep 51% of the blocks are swept 5x/week(2x Southside 3x North side)
40% of blocks are swept 7x/week both sides
Alleys are swept 3x/week

Graffiti Removal Services As needed or by a generated Service Request. Must abate within 48hrs

Street Tree Maintenance Majority of trees within this grid are maintained by various City Agencies. Pruned annually and maintained on an as needed basis.

Manual Sweeping Workfare Crew GA and P-20 crews sweep the major Market Street 7x/week.
Polk ,Larkin and Fulton as needed

Public Litter Receptacles:
- Emptying
Recology Recycling and Waste Disposal service all City Trash Receptacles daily with the major corridors receiving a second pass truck in the afternoon

- Repairs/maintenance
- Cleaning/washing
CTR’s are repaired as needed and steamed cleaned 1x/week

Code Enforcement (environmental, safety, cleanliness, and litter laws) Staffed 24/7 for issuing citations as required or by a generated Service Request

Sidewalk Steam Cleaning Major Hot-Spots are steamed as need or required to maintain cleanliness

UN Plaza Services Hosed nightly and maintained daily by Plaza/Litter Patrol Personnel

City Hall Maintained daily for cleanliness (steamed cleaned, graffiti abatement, debris removal).

Civic Center Square (Plaza) Perimeter maintained daily for cleanliness(steamed cleaned , graffiti abatement, debris removal, homeless concerns)

Fulton Mall Crews maintain this area on a daily basis. The Night Shift cleans/steams/flushes this area every night. The daytime staff is responsible for cleaning this area first thing every morning. Additional staff monitors Fulton Mall for cleanliness throughout the day and evening.

This is government accountability. It's a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it's nowhere to be found in the Inner Sunset GBD proposal.